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Staff members welcome your notes and calls. Conferences can be easily arranged. The office will take messages anytime, and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical. Communication between teachers and parents is extremely important.
We also have email for parent/school communication. The email addresses are provided by clicking on the teacher’s name. We would expect staff to respond within a reasonable time (usually 24 hours of reading the email).
If You Are Concerned About Something:
  •  Talk to the teacher first. Besides you, the teacher has the most direct contact with your child.
  •  If the situation is still not resolved, talk with an administrator.
Transitional Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Teachers

First Grade Teachers

Second Grade Teachers

Third Grade Teachers

Fourth Grade Teachers
Fifth Grade Teachers

Sixth Grade Teachers

Susi Maas (TK/K)
Resource/Student Support
Vanessa Caldwell, Academic Intervention Teacher
Kathy Harris, Computer Resource
Ryan Hodges, Physical Education Resource
Michelle Bodner, Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)
Nancy Friday, Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) for SDC
Christine Fisher-Fernandez, Resource Specialist
Melissa Finkel, Resource Specialist/
Lisa Wong, Resource Specialist, Long Term Substitute
Christina Hom, Resource Specialist
Monique Fisher, School Psychologist
Cindy Ahnin, Counselor
Monica Lopez, PBIS/BSS
Nicole Sutherland, Curriculum Coach
Lauren Munoz, EL Coach
Office Staff
Misty Zarrabi, School Secretary
Angie Vierra, School Office Assistant
Sidelia Garcia, School Office Assistant
Margarita Watts-Peterson, Office Assistant

Maria Deleon, Librarian

Para Educators
Food Services
Custodial Staff
Martin Garcia, Custodian
Jerome Magpayo, Custodian
Yard Supervisors
Asma Begum
Mariana Gallareta
Elizabeth Garcia
Jasmine Severe
Davina Roon